Stu Monroe is a hard-working Southern boy of no renown and a sick little monkey of great renown. He has a beautiful wife, Cindy, and an astonishingly wacky daughter, Gracie. His opinions are endorsed by absolutely no one…except!

Horror is healthy....and wrestling is real!

I'm the worst kind of nerd. I'm the nerd that the guys with the pocket protectors laugh at- I'm a horror aficionado AND a professional wrestling fan. And I'm enthusiastic about that shit. Just ask me. I'm a walking encyclopedia. Who won that title and when? I've got you covered. Who was the character actor in that one cheesy ass 80's horror flick about reluctant vampires? Just ask Stu. I'm that guy. I make no apologies.

This year my wife, daughter and I went to Texas Frightmare Weekend. This is something of a tradition in our family, as you may well know. I finally met my childhood hero, Robert Englund (aka Freddy Krueger from the Nightmare on Elm Street series). It was all I could do to get a word out and not weep openly. There is no shame attached to that statement. It was a pinnacle "mark out" moment that I'll remember in utter clarity forever. Cindy and Gracie were equally (well, almost) marking. We're talking real family bonding shit here.

If I had a nickel for every time I wiped away tears at the end of beautifully wrestled match or a retirement speech I'd be Donald Fucking Trump (my hair would be way better, though).

The series finale of Lost? I can't even talk about it without a little bit of misty eyed action.

The moment, back in January of this year, when HERE COMES THE MONEY!! rang out across the arena and Shane McMahon came shuffling out with his dukes up? It was a borderline epileptic seizure. And then hearing that he would wrestle Undertaker inside Hell in the Cell at WrestleMania 32........and we already had our tickets??!! That was my first actual heart attack. It meant that much. 

Finding out Guns N' Roses was reuniting and playing here in Dallas? I literally called and messaged the most important people in my life just to tell them. Then I immediately bought tickets. If I hadn't the money for them I'd have robbed your mother for it. After all, it is GUNS N' FUCKING ROSES!!!

I could cite a million examples, but the point is simply this: you're no different than me. You're "holy shit" moment might be a rose ceremony on The Bachelor. It could be Dallas Stars hockey or a soccer match. It might even be the latest Dr. Who episode or the Pokémon that you caught. I can dig it, even if I wouldn't personally feel the same excitement as you for that particular thing.

I know a lot of y'all out there think that wrestling is fake as hell and silly. I've got loved ones who find my extreme love of horror distasteful at best and borderline damning at worst, but then they'll post Bible verses while reading Christian literature as the television plays evangelical programming in the background (all comfy in a Jesus Saves oversized sleep shirt). 

What's the difference? Is there one? Really? Can you dig what I'm driving at here?

DISCLAIMER: That was merely an analogous example, not a shot at anyone or an "anti religion" dig.

But, you DO see where I am going with this. I know you do; you're a smart bunch. Call it fandom. Or nerdiness. Or marking out. Or spreading the Gospel. It doesn't matter what you call it, really. It all comes down to passion.

I like that word: passion. Sums it up nicely, I believe. Next time you're talking to that person who can't shut the fuck up about Jesus or the Clemson Tigers (guilty as charged) or Game of Thrones or that reality show you hate just try to remember (after taking a very deep breath) that they are sharing their passion with you. I know it can be hard to do sometimes. I really do.

After all, I live in "The DF-Dub" and there are a lot of stupid-ass Cowboys fans out here. It's all I can do to try and not be judgmental.    

Appreciative of y'all. Even the assholes and hypocrites.

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