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Inauguration Day 2017

Inauguration Day 2017

I woke up today and watched the (DVR'd) Inauguration of Donald J. Trump. I didn't go to Facebook or Twitter at all for the first hour or two. I didn't want the negativity. I simply sat and watched the ceremony, and (as always) I was proud to be an American. I'm always humbled when I see the "changing of the guard". It's a cool thing, knowing these 2 men and their respective entourages can't agree on virtually anything EXCEPT the respect that the transition deserves. 

I had a friend, years ago, who had the privilege of meeting then-President Bill Clinton while serving in the 82nd Airborne. He was a serious critic of President Clinton and the kind of person who often inserted his foot firmly in his mouth. It piqued my interest when he told me he got to meet "Slick Willy". 

"I assume you were able to control the need to barf or say something retarded?" I asked him with a grin. His answer surprised me. "No, dude, it was cool as fuck!" he said. The look on his face told me he was starstruck. I was taken aback. He continued "Politics don't really matter in that moment. It's meeting the fucking PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES!!".

God, I wish that were still the case today. 

Eventually I did make the mistake of going on Facebook, and I am still regretting it. It's going to sound like a generic complaint to start off with, but I have to say it- I'm really fucking tired of all of the bitching, griping, pontificating, & ugliness. It's just so damn sad and pathetic. 

The political arena of my adult years has caused me to live by the mantra of "whatever you do, Stu, just don't be THAT person who obsesses over politics." There are definitely days that it takes some serious effort to stay out of the muck. There are some days that you jump in because you feel very strongly about the particular issue. 

I guess it was foolish of me to think that Inauguration Day was a day when everyone could set aside their politics for a day and just support the great country we live in and support the man who has rightfully taken the highest post in the land. I am very naive, I suppose, but I saw the man who has had the office for the last 8 years acting like a complete class act. This made me wonder why his supporters can't do the same. I watched former President Bush keeping his mouth shut and maintaining class and professionalism through the entire Obama regime.

Those on the right who don't know how to conduct themselves are gloating whilst screaming "Get the fuck out, Obama!!" or saying horrible, hateful things about our now former Commander-In-Chief at the top of their lungs. Those on the left who can't accept it are throwing up post after post of #NotMyPresident or telling us that the "Resistance" starts now and also saying hateful things about the new Commander-In-Chief.

Both of y'all kind of make me sick. 

There is no cause for all the sheer nastiness. The people have spoken and the system worked as it always has. The transition is complete. In short THE PEOPLE HAVE SPOKEN. If you don't believe that then ask yourself why your candidate lost. Maybe this is a lesson in losing. Those lessons are incredibly valuable. 

A very dear family member of mine posted on Facebook a few days ago. It went something like this (a very shortened and paraphrased version): both my friends and family who voted for Trump are good people....the same goes for my friends who feel the same way I do (he's very Liberal). I will not destroy my relationships with good people for ideology. I ask them to hold their candidate accountable to their values. 

I really liked that post, and it started a very interesting conversation with a total stranger of the opposite persuasion. I thoroughly enjoyed that calm, civilized conversation with a fine Liberal. There was much to be gained from that. 

That brings me to my overall point. Here goes:

If you are going to be a CLOSED-MINDED person then you will notice a severe lack of response out of me in any forum. Will I unfriend you? No. Your politics aren't the reason we are friends, & you are entitled to your opinion. I will, however, be pulling for you to learn to open your mind and try to see the other side of the coin. Believe it or not, you and your ugly opinions are not the "be all, end all" in life. Stop being so egotistical and self-centered. Lose with grace and win with class. And I don't need to hear that old chestnut about how all "we" did was bitch after Obama won twice. I didn't bitch. I gave the man a chance. 

I would suggest, however, trying to get a life that has more in it than the political goings on of Washington, DC. You'll probably be a lot happier. Just try it. 

Or you could burn a fucking car in the streets. Whatever. 

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