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Addicted To Outrage

“When I was a young man, Carrie Fisher she was the most beautiful creature I had ever seen. She turned out to be witty and bright as well.”

This was the Tweet sent out by Steve Martin on the day Carrie Fisher died. I found it to be touching and from the heart. The two were good friends, after all. 

However, we live in the day and age of "PC Police" and "Social Justice Warriors". If I'm to be honest (and I always will be especially in this forum) these motherfuckers make me unsure of whether I want to puke up my entire intestinal tract or kill a room full of idealistic college freshmen. Or both. At the same time.

Seriously, though- I'm not blind to social issues. I understand the need for sensitivity at certain times. I am thrilled to live in a time where the 1950's "Mad Men" values have pretty much died off. It's fantastic that we now live in a time where racism is deplorable and is not the socially acceptable norm. I literally could not be happier that people generally care more about one another than at any other time that I can remember in my lifetime, anyways.

But, oh dear sweet baby Jesus- calm the fuck down and get a life! I don't know which is it the level of scrutiny on every little thing everyone (especially the rich and famous) say or is it the preposterous level of outrage? 

Nevermind. It's the outrage. That's an easy question to answer. Seemingly everyone is fucking addicted to it. Why do you think the new equivalent of "sex sells" in the media today is "you won't believe what ______________ had to say about _______________!!"

Am I in the minority because I just don't give a pair of flying fucks what some Hollywood asshole had to say? Am I an insensitive prick for not being as outraged as the SWJ's of the world? Does it make me a complete and total scoundrel for finding humor in the "THAT IS SO FUCKING WRONG!!" jokes? Does it, really?

Mind you, I have zero intentions of changing anything about myself without some seriously strong motivation. I find my mindset to be healthy in the utmost. I am the guy who laughs at the Jew joke, but that doesn't mean that I treat ANYONE any differently based on skin color, religion, sexual orientation, etc. I am the guy who has been known to throw out a little of that "locker room talk" when in the private company of certain friends and confidantes, but I would never treat a woman with anything less than respect (I'm a Southern gentleman but also human). 

I have read of many situations where something that was said IS quite inflammatory and uncalled for, but I'm not losing my fucking mind over it. What's the point? Join your voice to the chorus of a million others who couldn't tolerate someone else's stupidity. Here's a newsflash: THE WORLD IS FULL OF IGNORANT, NASTY, TWO-FACED, BLACK-HEARTED PEOPLE!!! Your outrage isn't going to change that. you know what will? Your actions. Live and lead by example. Don't just talk about being a better person; go out and actually fucking be one!! Be the contradiction that has a healthily warped sense of humor and yet still cares about the little fucking pandas and shit. 

While you're doing that you can still maintain a grip on your sanity by laughing at all of the shit you aren't supposed to laugh at. It's very freeing to admit that it's funny. Some of the best "racist" jokes I've ever heard came from people who aren't white. Simple truth is that those of us out here being highly inappropriate are having a fuck of a lot more fun than all of you uptight assholes who are constantly addicted to the outrage. 

And, for the record, there wasn't a damn thing wrong with that Tweet. Leave Steve Martin alone. He's mourning a friend. What kind of an inconsiderate fuck messes with a guy who is mourning a dear friend?

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