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What do we got over here? A cuppa' HATERS!!

What do we got over here? A cuppa' HATERS!!

Everybody has an opinion about Charlottesville. It's inevitable. I have an opinion, too. If you stick around long enough you'll find it out....then you can decide whether I'm an evil white devil or not. You ready? Good.

I'm going to caveat this by saying that I DO NOT know every minute detail, okay? I don't jerk off to the fucking news. It depresses me. Shit like this really depresses me. Despite my notoriously sick and depraved sense of humor this kind of thing really bothers me. Honest confession.

There's no need to rehash the blow-by-blow; I'm sure you know enough of the details. Far Left clashes with Far Right about a very sensitive issue and shit gets heated. People get ugly, as they are wont to do. But then some asshole goes all Mr. Mercedes and drives through a crowd. People die and people are hurt badly. It's ugly shit. 

The worst part? Maybe the fact that we even still have to talk about groups like the KKK and the Neo-Nazis. These morally stunted, emotionally crippled, & intellectually challenged assholes have both a right to exist and a right to free speech. Can I get a God bless America? Can I? It works both ways, folks. Tell me that's not one of the parts of this whole thing really drives both sides crazy. It's human nature. We all want to have our fucking cake and eat it, too. Life is always easier when you're surrounded by those who share your beliefs and convictions. There's no shame in admitting that. 

I absolutely detest.....I unequivocally hate those assholes. They (along with a heavy dose of agenda-laden media) are the reason that I watch the reaction on virtually everyone's face when they see my tattoo for the first time. SPOILER ALERT: If you don't know, it's a Confederate Flag. Underneath it reads: "American by birth, Southern by the Grace of God!" (and yes, it looks really shitty and needs serious work).

If you don't know this about me then I should be clear- I am a contradiction to your media/school brainwashed way of thinking. I am incredibly proud of my Confederate heritage. Many in my family died defending what was theirs. They didn't own slaves, but they weren't going to let someone come in and take what was theirs. Period. There are wounds in the South that are very deep. You wouldn't understand if your ancestors were on the other side. Anyone who says I should be ashamed of my heritage or stick it in a museum can kindly fuck off. 

Is it a big, all-consuming deal? No. Do I think about the Civil War on a daily basis? Absolutely not. Am I bitter towards Northerners? Only as a joke. It's history straight from the museum. 

However, if you fail to understand why Southern folk (and I am NOT talking about the KKK/Neo-Nazi types!!) have an issue with the removal of Southern history then you are already so damn blind that I can't help you. It's the literal definition of "can't see the forest for the trees".

Here's some news you might find uncomfortable-

  • Much of America's history is ugly. Ask the Indians.
  • The percentage of Southerners who owned slaves was very low.
  • Indentured servitude in the North was far more rampant than Southern slavery.
  • Racism persists across the ENTIRE U.S.A., not just the South.
  • The rich and powerful started all of this and continue to perpetrate it today.

It's that last one that people seem to have the hardest time understanding. The rich have been playing divide and conquer for as long as people have been on this planet. It keeps us "in our place". It's a tried and true method of controlling the masses.

I try not to pull shit off of the internet too much, but this really made me laugh:

"Black people who were never slaves are fighting white people who never Nazis or owned slaves over a Confederate statue erected by Democrats, because Democrats can't stand their own history anymore." 

You'd be surprised how many people don't understand the political "shift" in the last 150 years, but I digress. If you're like me you're tired of seeing people that you love and respect looking like assholes not for their opinion (you know what they say about opinions and their similarity to the sphincter) but for being such easily led automatons. It's sickening. 

My point is simply this: put your stock in people and not the media. Keep living by the Golden really works! Give everyone a fair shake. Resist that natural urge to judge or listen to the gossip of others. You might be surprised at what you find about people. 

As a Southern boy who grew up the "typical redneck" (i.e. racist and narrow-minded) I can say I've been pleasantly surprised at what people have shown me as I've grown up. I can admit that and learn my lessons from it. Our best lessons come from our mistakes.

The ones I really feel bad for are the decent folks who were caught in the middle of this on both sides. KKK, Neo-Nazi, and ANTIFA are not included in that bunch. Y'all can go fuck yourselves with a red-hot pitchfork.

Is that clear enough?

There's a word that I've seen thrown around frequently by "the kids" (yeah, I'm an older guy). That word is "woke", as in "I'm woke"! Clearly, not enough people out there are woke. Don't fall for it. Keep your circle tight. Protect your family. Turn off Fox and CNN and all that other shit. If you're not willing to turn it off (unlike me) then learn to read between the lines and pray to whatever God you have that you're smart enough to see the truth. 

What smells like shit?? Must be my opinion!! WAFTING!! WAFTING!!




I've been so lonely without you.....

I've been so lonely without you.....

Just Me and Peter Pan.........and The Loser's Club!

Just Me and Peter Pan.........and The Loser's Club!