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Movie Review: "Super Troopers 2" (2018)

Movie Review: "Super Troopers 2" (2018)

I've been looking for a comedy that shows exactly why you don't take yourself too seriously. I've been looking for a comedy that tells realism and common sense to go fuck themselves with a see-through purple dildo. I've been looking for a comedy that does, however, take the craft seriously with layers of jokes running the range from subtle, background sight gag, obvious, & fucking ridiculous. 

Allow me to extend a big thank you and THANK GOD to the gentlemen (term used blessedly loosely) at Broken Lizard.

When you couple an overly PC populace with the daunting task of "THE SEQUEL", what they have done with Super Troopers 2 is a pretty big accomplishment. Think about it- how do you follow one of the inarguably biggest cult classics of comedy with a sequel 17 years later!! In Hollywood it's all about "what have you done for me lately"; well, 18 years is a long-ass time ago. 

Not in the world of comedy, and not in the hearts of the faithful.

Here's the thing: it takes a little bit to get rolling. I'll admit that. The first film starts off with one of the strongest openings ever. That "snozzberries" pullover scene is some epic shit. That's a tough act to follow. But, you see, I'm a patient man. I was literally raised on all the good standup comedy, SNL, & shit that I really shouldn't have been watching. I understand that it often takes a little bit to either setup the joke or find the momentum to create a piss your pants moment.

Why is patience no longer a virtue?

I have to say that I'm pretty keen on the premise of the film, too: the Super Troopers are out of the game after a disgraceful incident involving Fred Savage of The Wonder Years fame (which you WILL get to see if you're patient....there's that word again). They are back on the force after a border issue causes a piece of Canada to be annexed into American soil. It's a simplistic (which is not to say logical) premise that guarantees some damn good laughs.

Ready for my one-line review (although I will ramble on much further)? Here goes: this movie does for American-Canadian relations what Blazing Saddles did for black/white relations.

Do I have your fucking attention now? God, I hope so. 

The timing and chemistry between these guys hasn't lost a step. They are on point and clearly enjoying themselves. One of the things I've always loved about comedy is when you can see the love and the irrepressible class-clown coming out in the performer. When it works it's all too easy to picture the bloopers and outtakes, ya' dig? Think back to the early years of SNL when those guys could barely keep their shit together. This movie keeps that vibe on heavy throughout.

The obligatory drug scene will slay; if it doesn't then you are dead inside (or you haven't done enough drugs- shame on you!). Their escapades as Canadian Mounties are every bit as stereotypical and borderline retarded as the trailer leads you to believe. Farva is twice as obnoxious, at least. Brian Cox (as Captain O'Hagan) is a straight man's straight man, which makes it all the more epic when he goes batshit crazy. I don't know if there's a more underrated actor out there that's perfectly suited for comedy. God bless him.

You've got supporting roles from the legendary Rob Lowe as a Canadian mayor, Will Sasso (Mad TV) as a mountie, Bruce McCulloch (Kids in the Hall....YES YES YES!!) as another mountie, and (of course) a returning Linda Carter (Wonder Woman....DUH!) as Vermont Governer Jessman. They take turns stealing the show, especially Rob Lowe. 

I'm not joking. The brothel scene alone is worth the price of admission. I almost felt bad at having my daughter in there for that one. Almost. Get ready for uncomfortable nudity on BOTH sides of the aisle, so to speak. Penis alert!

Do you want to know what really did it for me, though? It wasn't the callbacks to old jokes (as my boy AC said); it was the subtle jokes. The best humor comes from the shit that you'll miss if you aren't paying attention. That's where the fried gold is found. It shows care in the writing, too. That's priceless.

So, yeah- I'm a big fan of this one. It hit the marks that I wanted to see hit. I laughed pretty damn hard, and (for the record) I would've laughed just as hard without the flask full of Scotch in my pocket. 

If you go into it sober you'll have a damn good time. If you go into it fucked up you'll have a great time. It's that kind of movie. Embrace the stupid and take a step back from your everyday stresses.

After all, that's what good comedy is there for. 









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